Satellite tracking and monitoring. Tailored for the 21. century vessels

Fisheries, commercial shipping and anything in between

A robust and cost-effective solution for any Vessel Monitoring needs. While truly global coverage comes with many unique benefits, being adaptable to the needs of our customers is what we take pride in. Our VMS has been operational for years in several countries. And it complies with all international regulations.

A reliable, true global Long Range Identification and Tracking solution for all types of vessel. A cost-effective solution with a long operating life, its exceptional features and benefits are unparalleled on the market. For vessels operating in the Polar Regions, BlueTraker LRIT Arctic is available.

In a world increasingly concerned about the climate change, the threat of piracy and other incidents upon the high seas, we offer a Ship Security Alert System that provides peace of mind for fleet operators and seamen alike. For vessels operating in the Polar Regions, BlueTraker SSAS Arctic is available, respectively.

While onboard equipment is physically mounted on the selected vessel and measures the fuel flow and captures other navigational data, users can monitor fuel consumption of any vessel in the fleet wherever it is on the globe via FuelTraker Web Application. The system is MRV (Monitoring Reporting Verification) ready.

Highlighted features and advantages

BlueTraker reduces costs efficiently: satellite while navigating high seas and GPRS communication when navigating coastal waters.

Tamper detection, antenna blockage detection, unique serial number engraved, security seals and four colour status LED

Up to 100 geographical areas in the form of geofences can be remotely uploaded, edited, activated and deactivated for every terminal

BlueTraker terminals are fully VMS compliant with the laws and regulationsand are based on the experience gained from the fisheries industry

Second Screen - Real-time Fleet Management

  • Advanced reporting and Analytics
  • Real-time Geofence management
  • Detailed information about fleet
  • Customisable functionalities
  • Fleet performance control
  • Fast and simple communication
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • eLogBook Ready

Refurbished Iridium 9601 modems for sale

For a limited period of time, BlueTraker offers a larger quantity of Iridium 9601 SBD modems for sale - in perfect operational condition, fully refurbished and tested by the manufacturer. Please send your inquiries for quotation via e-mail to


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