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EMA Group, leading tracking and traceability specialist.

Over the past 25 years, EMA Group has become one of the leading marking, coding and traceability specialist in Europe. In 2004 a new division was created to develop our Telematics and Machine to Machine (M2M) communication systems. This led to a new range of solutions for intelligent transport systems and mobile communications.

EMA Group's BlueTraker, BlueSenz, and FuelTraker brands established the company in the field of VMS systems for fisheries and commercial vessel solutions. EMA Group develops, manufactures and markets a range of intelligent, remotely operable machine-to-machine equipment and systems. EMA Group’s solutions are applicable to a broad range of industries mainly using satellite and mobile communication technology to monitor remote locations or moving objects. Apart from many national VMS projects, EMA has also provided out-of-fishing-sector turn-key system solutions worldwide.

EMA develops solutions for end users, service providers, product providers and system integrators. You can be confident when you partner with us.

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