Welcome Aboard

Customers in the demanding maritime industry expect and deserve nothing less than cutting-edge technology and affordable, scalable solutions.

At BlueTraker we recognize that it would be nearly impossible to reach the excellence of our present-day product line, our global competitive edge and brand recognition without mutual trust and firm partnerships with our suppliers, distributors and technological partners. It is a tightly knit network, based on mutual trust, expertise and cooperation that we value at utmost esteem and we honestly believe it is the essence that makes BlueTraker a trusted and valuable partner, too.

Many National Fisheries agencies and countless individual ship owners worldwide have already experienced that value and we always look forward to expanding our global presence with a new trusted partner. You are kindly invited to join us. Call us or drop us a line, we would love to hear from you.

For reference please check our list of distributors to see where you can find BlueTraker products close to you. And perhaps take a look at our Technological Partners to see where our development strategy is heading, and to assess the scope of BlueTraker’s commitment to quality and adherence to recognized standards by yourself.