• BlueTraker® Arctic

    The BlueTraker® Arctic marine graded terminals offer true global communication coverage, including Sea area A4, and capability to survive temperatures down to -50°C.

  • BlueTraker® VMS Arctic

    The BlueTraker® VMS Arctic is the latest generation of marine graded satellite terminals specifically developed to monitor fishing vessels globally.

  • BlueTraker® SSAS Arctic

    World’s only SSAS terminal engineered for Arctic voyage! Cold start capable down to -50° Celsius!

  • BlueTraker® LRIT Arctic

    The world’s only LRIT terminal engineered for Arctic voyage!

  • Iridium SBD Modem Adaptor Board

    The EMA Adaptor Board 9612 for Iridium SBD modems allows hassle free replacement of existing SBD 9601 with next generation modem SBD 9602.

  • SecondScreen

    SecondScreen offers the ability to monitor and manage all of your BlueTraker devices within one place and without interfering with your primary mapping software. Use SecondScreen as an extension of your primary screen and reap all the benefits that it offers.

  • FuelTraker App

    FuelTraker App is a Web-based fuel monitoring application for Fleet Management Operators interested in remote fuel usage monitoring.