• BlueTraker®

    The BlueTraker® marine graded terminals are wireless gateways with embedded Satellite, GSM/GPRS modems, GPS receiver and back-up rechargable battery.

  • BlueTraker iVMS

    iVMS (inshore Vessel Monitoring System) device is a building block of inshore tracking and monitoring with an advantage of using inexpensive GPRS networks and thus lowering the costs.

  • Octopus 10

    The Octopus 10 is a touch screen terminal with pre-installed applications for fisheries.

  • Telematic Data Aggregation Server (TDS)

    Secure processing, storage, re-formatting and forwarding the collected vessel's data.

  • SecondScreen

    SecondScreen offers the ability to monitor and manage all of your BlueTraker devices within one place and without interfering with your primary mapping software. Use SecondScreen as an extension of your primary screen and reap all the benefits that it offers.

  • FuelTraker App

    FuelTraker App is a Web-based fuel monitoring application for Fleet Management Operators interested in remote fuel usage monitoring.