WinchTag is a mechanically designed batteryless bolt with an embedded RFID chip. WinchTag provides a way for FMCs (by reading them with a mobile RFID reader) to have a 'fishing gear register' of their fleet.The RFID chip contains a unique ID number, which identifies the type of winch that it is attached to. WinchTag can either be read by a handheld reader or by WinchSenz (when WinchTag and WinchSenz are paired together). When combined with a BlueSenz system, WinchSenz collects the information for an FMC so they can better understand a vessel or fleets’ fishing activities and therefore adapt to national fisheries policy.

WinchTag is a batteryless RFID metal bolt that can be attached to different types of fishing winches.

Fishing Winch Transparency with BlueTraker Tagging Technology

Fisheries monitoring centres gain a clearer understanding of the winch capacity of their fishing fleets.

Prevents vessels from using prohibited fishing gear in marine protected areas.

Upgradable with WinchSenz which enables automatic measurement of fishing gear operation.

Tamper-proof - once attached to the fishing gear, it cannot be removed by unauthorized personnel.

Designed for tough marine environments.


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