BlueTraker® iVMS

iVMS (inshore vessel monitoring) is a solution for VMS vessel tracking and monitoring using inexpensive GPRS networks rather than satellite.

The BlueTraker® iVMS is fully compliant with the laws and regulations covering inshore vessel monitoring systems for fisheries, including the International Marine Organization’s (IMO) required compliance to standard IEC 60945. It complies with United Kingdom specification for Inshore Vessel Monitoring System defined by MMO and IFCA. The unit has been designed with a special emphasis on EU Commission Regulation No. 2244/2003 and 1224/2009 and Commission Implementing Regulation No. 404/2011. However, the limitations apply in functionalities where a satellite communication channel is required.
BlueTraker® iVMS is known for its integrated design, incorporating all the electronics inside a single terminal housing:

  • Position Reporting;
  • Cost effective messages;
  • Geofencing/Geozones;
  • Remote FOTA (Firmware Over The Air);
  • Internal rechargeable battery (72-hour autonomy);
  • GPRS store & forward;
  • Secure - multiple Tamper Alert Functionalities;
  • BDU within port function & alert;
  • Robust Marine grade with IP68;

BlueTraker® iVMS terminal reduces costs because it uses the low-cost GPRS communication.



BlueTraker® iVMS incorporates an extensive range of mechanical, electrical and electromagnetic safety and security features designed to prevent tampering and fraud and ensure safety on-board. A unique serial number is engraved into the housing. Meanwhile, tamper detection, antenna blockage detection, security seals and a four-colour status LED are key features of the design


Up to 2000 geographical areas in the form of geofences can be remotely uploaded, edited, activated and deactivated for each and every BlueTraker® iVMS terminal, using land-based servers that automatically upgrade each terminal via the GSM network. These geographical areas can be defined by the type and programmed for a range of specific operational rules. The terminal will then issue alerts when the vessel approaches and crosses the border between geozones.


A strong combination of authentication and data encryption is used to prevent unauthorized modification of the data or transmission of unauthenticated external data to the Fisheries Monitoring Centre.



The BlueTraker® terminals are fully compliant with the laws and regulations covering vessel monitoring systems based on the experience gained from the fisheries industry. All BlueTraker® terminals are IEC 60945 certified and comply with IP68/IP69K. The terminals have been designed to comply with the highest security & safety requirements expected by the customers, making the installation as tamper-proof as possible.



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