FuelTraker App

FuelTraker App is a Web-based fuel monitoring application for Fleet Management Operators interested in remote fuel usage monitoring. It provides the data from the vessels equipped with FuelTraker system and enables the fleet operator to closely surveil and monitor vessel fuel consumption as well as captain operating performance. It offers a historical view of vessel consumption and is compliant with MRV (Monitoring, Reporting, Verification) and SEEMP (Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan) regulations. Here are the key software Functionalities:

  • Web application offers an in-depth view into the history log of each individual vessel for custom analysis
  • FuelTraker offers a graphical representation of fuel consumption information
  • Real-time fuel consumption monitoring for multiple vessels
  • Visual representation of voyage performance and preset limits with alarm setpoints are visible for user to investigate in case of irregularities
  • Easy to access drop down menu improves the user experience
  • Message view allows users to view all the message history for monitored fleet

Comprehensive Real-Time Remote Fuel Monitoring Analytics Tool

  • Identify events that will impact your bottom line
  • Perfect tool to analyse engine consumption performance
  • Ability to continuously evaluate vessel fuel efficiency level
  • Resolve fuel consumption peaks in real-time

Map view enables monitoring centre to gain an up-to-date geographical view of their fleet’s activities and their current diagnostic status.

  • View current vessel consumption as well as consumption between two or more reporting intervals
  • Map view (trip, location and date of voyage)
  • Simple “traffic light” system shows whether vessels are reporting on normal schedule
  • “Hover / Mouse over” vessel shows the last received message including type of message, Geolocation, Reporting channel, Consumption per engine



FuelTraker App Brochure.pdf

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