Octopus 10

The Octopus 10 is a cost effective off-the-shelf eLogbook / VMS solution for fisheries
The Octopus 10 is a touch screen terminal with pre-installed applications for fisheries. Designed to be tough and rugged, Octopus 10 terminals are ideal for use in marine/industrial environments. Octopus 10 terminals provide communication with a BlueTraker® VMS device for sending documents, such as catch reports, compliance forms and exchange other data with the Fisheries Monitoring Centre (FMC).

The Octopus 10 functionalities:

  • Out-of-the-Box approach makes BlueTraker VMS onboard system ready to be used without additional interfacing, modifications and testing;
  • Pre-installed HMI application makes vessel data, such as position and speed of the vessel, fuel level, engine temperature, etc., available to the FMC. In addition to above, circular messages can be sent from FMC to any or all vessels;
  • An optional eLogbook application, which handles reporting according to ERS requirements (Catch Report, Transhipment Report, Landing Report, etc.) is fully compliant with international fisheries regulations and requirements. eLogbook software applications may also come from national, local software providers in case they qualify their product as “BlueTraker Certified Software”;
  • An Optional OceanMail application enables text messaging anywhere on the planet from the vessel to FMC or vice versa; Octopus 10 enables other third-party applications to be embedded into the product which is a subject of successful “BlueTraker Certified Software” approval process.

Maritime - Industrial environment ready

High emphasis was put to integrate a high level of mechanical, electrical and electromagnetic safety and security features


Regulatory compliance

Offering an interface for transferring »Catch« reports over BlueTraker® VMS. Only approved Electronic Reporting Systems (ERS) can be integrated as authentification is required each time »Catch« report is sent using BlueTraker® VMS.


Octopus 10

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