SecondScreen is a web-based software application that delivers valuable insights about fleet fishing activities directly to Fisheries Monitoring Centres (FMCs). SecondScreen's advanced interface makes real-time tracking and monitoring of your fleets a breeze with a range of diagnostic and navigation controls with direct command options. SecondScreen offers the ability to monitor and manage all of your BlueTraker devices within one place and without interfering with your primary mapping software. Use SecondScreen as an extension of your mapping software and reap all the benefits that it offers in terms of management over BlueTraker IoT ecosystem.

  • Advanced Vessel Tracking with Real-time Data view.
  • Fast and simple messaging from FMC operators to vessel managers.
  • Remote command options.
  • Reduce time and cost of data analysis and management.
  • Real-time Geofence management allows more precise management of fisheries.
  • No software to install or maintain, simply log in with your BlueTraker ID to start managing your fleet.

SecondScreen offers a range of different views and tools:

Map view

Enables FMCs to have an at-a-glance spatial view of their fleet’s activities and their current diagnostic status.

Message view

FMCs can view the recent message history of all the vessels in their fleet.

Zone Manager

Allows FMCs to easily add, remove or edit geozones and synchronize them to individual vessels, groups or the entire fleet.


Direct access into their fleet’s eLogbooks helps FMCS to quickly determine what the current catch haul is and whether quota limits are going to be reached.

Send HMI message

FMCs are able to send crucial information to their fishing fleets about fisheries information/storm warning or potential threats.

Device manager

Manage all BlueTraker terminals within your fleet and control user access


SecondScreen Brochure

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