• Vessel Monitoring System (VMS)

    BlueTraker VMS solution enables tracking fishing vessels wherever they might be, even in the Sea area A4.

  • BlueTraker iVMS

    iVMS (inshore Vessel Monitoring System) device is a building block of inshore tracking and monitoring with an advantage of using inexpensive GPRS networks and thus lowering the costs.

  • Fleet Tracking and Monitoring (FTM)

    Enables submitting, collecting and processing valuable information used for various purposes.

  • Iridium SBD Modem Adaptor Board

    The EMA Adaptor Board 9612 for Iridium SBD modems allows hassle free replacement of existing SBD 9601 with next generation modem SBD 9602.

  • Remote Fuel Monitoring System

    FuelTraker is a remote fuel monitoring solution designed to monitor vessel fuel consumption in real-time.