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Web-Based Real-Time Remote Fuel Monitoring System

There are various ways how to collect fuel consumption data aboard the vessel. Most of the modern vessels collect these data in onboard computers using ad-hoc analysis. Older vessels do not possess the technical capability and need to be upgraded.
FuelTraker system can be connected to various sensor monitoring systems on various vessels which enables you to pre-define versatile solutions covering the majority of project requirements.

FuelTraker is a system through which remote real-time fuel monitoring is established. The system consists of an onboard vessel equipment and remote back office application. Onboard equipment is physically mounted on the selected vessel and its purpose is to measure fuel flow and capture other navigational data. This data are then transferred through the BlueTraker satellite communication terminal to back office application in the monitoring centre. Back office application is called FuelTraker Web Application and through that application, users can monitor fuel consumption of any vessel in the fleet wherever it is on the globe.

The solution enables real-time fuel consumption monitoring from anywhere.

Sistem can be adapted to the various type of vessels.

Better data analysis with a comprehensive remote real-time fuel monitoring analytics tool.

Through the system, the user can see events that led to an increase in fuel costs.

Rich data gained through the system enables the user to analyze fleet level vessel performance.

The system is MRV (Monitoring Reporting Verification) ready.


FuelTraker Solutions

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