Long Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT)

BlueTraker LRIT offers a reliable, true global Long Range Identification and Tracking solution for all types of vessel. A cost-effective solution with a long operating life, its exceptional features and benefits are unparalleled on the market.
For vessels that operate in the Polar Regions, BlueTraker LRIT Arctic is the world’s only LRIT terminal capable of withstanding the extreme cold of this environment including Sea area A4. The terminal with its unique double shell housing resists accelerated cooling in extreme environments from the wind chill factor. Its smart engineering allows operation and even cold start at temperatures as low as -50° Celsius!

  • Prescheduled 6 hourly vessel position information (IMO or MMSI number, latitude and longitude and time/date of transmission)
  • On-Demand position polling.
  • Designed for harsh maritime environments.
  • The pre-conformance test is included.
  • All mounting accessories including a 50m cable are supplied.
  • BlueTraker® LRIT Arctic (from+55°C to -50°C).

BlueTraker LRIT solution offers reliable, truly global LRIT products, supporting vessel operation of all types in all of the sea areas, including the Sea area A4.

Fully integrated and robust design
BlueTraker LRIT is a fully integrated terminal, with embedded GPS and an Iridium antenna, removing any need to connect additional external components for tracking purposes. All its components are packed inside a robust, housing with IP68 environmental protection. This level of integration makes misapplication impossible and so protects sensitive ‘cable rich’ modular devices.

Pole-to-Pole coverage and optimises  your running costs
BlueTraker LRIT terminal offers true global communication coverage through the Iridium Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellation, which is the only one offering  Pole-to-Pole coverage, which including the A4 sea area. BlueTraker LRIT terminal transmits Automatic Position Reports (APR) using Iridium’s efficient and cost-effective Short Burst Data (SBD) service.

Free full pre-conformance test 
When installed on a ship, all LRIT terminals have to be tested for communication capabilities by an Application Service provider (ASP) and acquire Conformance Test Reports (CTR). In order to complete the test hassle free, the BlueTraker LRIT customers have the unique advantage of an absolutely free and full pre-conformance test.

A complete ship-borne LRIT solution
BlueTraker LRIT terminal is an easy-to-install device, installed above the deck and able to withstand the harshest weather conditions. It comes together with a 50m connection cable and all mounting accessories.


BlueTraker LRIT brochure

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BlueTraker LRIT US Coast Guard Type Approval

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BlueTraker DNV-GL Type Approval Certificate No. 6046409 HH

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BlueTraker LRIT USA Pole Star Space Applications Limited Conformance Test Report

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BlueTraker LRIT CE Conformity Declaration

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BlueTraker LRIT Iridium Certification

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BlueTraker LRIT Asbestos Free Declaration

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BlueTraker LRIT 60945 Certificate

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BlueTraker LRIT MSC/AdHoc LRIT 8/4 IMO

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