Ship Security Alert System (SSAS)

BlueTraker SSAS is a Ship Security Alert System that provides peace of mind for fleet operators and seamen alike. In a world increasingly concerned about the threat of piracy and other incidents upon the high seas, BlueTraker SSAS provides a failsafe way of alerting a flag operator/professional SSAS management and monitoring services to a vessel in distress. BlueTraker SSAS also provides a ‘return link’ acknowledgement message confirming that the distress message has been received.

  • Conformance to SOLAS security requirements.
  • On-Demand position polling.
  • Two or more security buttons.
  • Designed for harsh maritime environments.
  • All mounting accessories supplied.
  • Can be connected with dedicated professional SSAS management and monitoring services.

For vessels that operate in the extreme cold of the Polar Regions, BlueTraker SSAS Arctic is the world’s only SSAS terminal capable of withstanding the extreme and cold environments of Sea area A4. The terminal’s unique double shell housing resists accelerated cooling in extreme environments from the Arctic chill factor and it smart engineering allows operation and even cold start at temperatures as low as -50° Celsius!

The BlueTraker® SSAS solution offers trully worldwide SSAS service, including the Sea area A4.

Tracking and Alert messaging
In addition to satisfying the SOLAS security alert requirements, BlueTraker SSAS terminal can be used for day-to-day tracking purposes. A ship’s position can be monitored by a service provider’s web tracking site offering additional value for the flag operator.

Pole to Pole coverage
Shorter routes are opening up between the continents, (North East /North West passages) which means the only choice is the BlueTraker SSAS Artic terminal using Iridium Satellite constellation. To be able to navigate through the Canadian or Russian Arctic seas (A4 Sea area) it is crucial to have equipment that has been specifically engineered to withstand the harsh weather conditions experienced in this inhospitable environment.
RequirementsOnboard security alert systems are governed by various internationally agreed rules and regulations as promulgated by the International Maritime Organisation – IMO, as recommended by its’ associated sub-committees, principally the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC).


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