Vessel Monitoring System (VMS)

BlueTraker VMS is a robust, cost effective and intelligent solution for your vessel monitoring needs. It is the only solution that provides true global coverage and comes with many unique features. One of those features and probably the most important; it offers the abilty to adapt to the needs of the end customer.

VMS collects vessel positions using GNSS satellite signals and sends them together with speed, bearing and optional BlueSenz sensor data to the TDS communication server. BlueTraker VMS Terminal intelligently transmits data via either the GSM/GPRS terrestrial network or the Iridium satellite network at predefined intervals. The telematic data aggregation server (TDS) processes the received data and delivers it to any third party VMS Fisheries Monitoring Software application in the appropriate format used at the National FMC. BlueTraker VMS solution enables tracking fishing vessels wherever they might be, even in the Sea area A4.

BlueTraker VMS solution has been thoroughly tested and has already been operational for years in several countries. The system complies with EU, NEAFC, NAFO and SEAFO regulations on data exchange, and to bilateral agreements commonly made between nations. It also fully complies with EU Commission Regulation Nos. 2244/2003, 1224/2009 and Implementing Regulation No. 404/2011.

  • Continuous surveillance of fleets fishing activities but still keeping control of the reporting costs for their fishermen.
  • A cost-effective solution.
  • A secure device that is easy to install and power efficient design.
  • A future-proof design
  • With many advanced features, technology and references BlueTraker - VMS is the right choice!

Vessel Monitoring Systems provide regular reports of the fishing vessel’s location, speed, bearing, eLogBook data and other information to the relevant fisheries management authority.

BlueTraker Vessel Monitoring Systems On-board connectivity.

Hybrid Communication System – SAT and GSM/GPRS
BlueTraker VMS terminals use a hybrid communication system that dramatically reduces reporting costs by using GPRS communication when in coastal waters but while on the high seas seamlessly switching to the Iridium satellite constellation.

Device Security Features
BlueTraker VMS was designed with a high level of mechanical and electrical safety and security features to avoid any tampering or fraud. The most noticeable features are an integrated design, tamper detection, antenna blockage detection, unique serial numbers engraved into the housing and unique security seals.

Ensuring fishermen’s safety
Fishermen’s safety onboard the vessel is drastically improved by offering integrated IN-PORT and ALERT buttons into the connection box. The BlueTraker VMS alert function is unique in that it will work even when the ship’s power goes down and also provides a distress call acknowledgement message which provides the fishermen with peace of mind knowing that someone is coming to their aid.

Embedded Geozones 
Up to 100 geographical areas (polygons and associated rules, e.g. vessel speed,  time intervals,…) in the form of Geofences can be remotely uploaded, edited, activated and deactivated for each and every BlueTraker VMS terminal using land-based servers and the over-the-air upgrade feature. Specific geographical areas can be defined and specific operational rules can be put into effect (e.g. increased reporting frequency). Alerts can also be put in place for when a vessel is traversing geographical areas or a Geofence.

eLogbook ready
With the worldwide eLogbook initiative gathering pace helping to eradicate Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported fishing (IUU); Fisheries Monitoring Centres need to be ready to introduce Electronic Reporting Systems to ensure the traceability of their fleet’s catches. BlueTraker VMS integrates with Octopus 10, an advanced touchscreen tablet computer with built-in data-pass functionality for transferring »Catch« reports. Octopus 10 allows only approved Electronic Reporting Systems (ERS) to be integrated and authentication is required each time »Catch« report is sent using BlueTraker VMS ensuring that the system cannot be ‘spoofed’.

BlueTraker VMS terminal, as the most important element of any VMS systems worldwide, offers a wide array of unparalleled benefits, unequalled on the global market:

Lower operating costs and high frequency of position reports at the same time

Seamless automatic switching from GPRS to SAT channel and back

Low installation cost, improved safety &  security through one-cable installation, connecting the device to the power source

No need for any on-site terminal updates. BlueTraker terminals use FOTA (Firmware Over The Air) upgrading

Reliable and cost-efficient operation through a robust and maintenance-free device

Enables integration with the existing FMC infrastructure regardless of the communication channel

Operates for up to 3 full days on the embedded battery in the event of an external power failure

Simple mounting with a RailMount or UniMount mounting kit

Unrivaled safety and security level

Fully compliant with Council Regulation (EC) Nos.2371/2002 and 1224/2009.


BlueTraker VMS brochure

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BlueTraker VMS Technical Approval Norway

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BlueTraker® VMS SIQ ExtTemperature Test Report MIL810G

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BlueTraker VMS Indonesia Type Approval

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BlueTraker® VMS receives Type Approval for Indonesian market

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BlueTraker® VMS proves best choice for the UK fisheries VMS and ERS systems

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